Detailed Service Descriptions


Planned Gift Video Player

You receive our exclusive Planned Gift Video Player, on your website, to educate your donors about making various types of planned gifts, while connecting them to a professional for assistance. These videos cover the following gift planning topics: 

  • Public stock & private stock
  • Gift annuities
  • Bequests
  • Life Insurance
  • IRA gifts
  • Gifts from their business

Will and Trust Planning Website

Your donors will receive access to our Will and Trust Planning Ministry website. They’ll be able to choose from 35 different videos to learn how to design their will or trust from a biblical and charitable perspective. These videos will fully prepare them to visit with their attorney to have their documents drafted and to be generous towards your organization, as well as other ministries they care about, in the process. 
Click here to visit our Will and Trust Planning Ministry website.   

Custom Two Year Marketing Plan

We will work with you to develop a custom two year planned giving marketing plan that fits perfectly for how you communicate with your donors. This will drive donors to your website to view the videos and create planned gifts for your organization.

Print Ready Marketing Materials

You’ll have access to our print ready marketing content to create planned giving marketing pieces, such as:

  • Receipt stuffers
  • Church bulletin inserts
  • Post cards – (coming soon)

Multi-millionaire Planning Assistance

Free biblical estate design assistance for multi-millionaire donors. Donors will be asked to make a love offering for any significant assistance.

Planned Giving Articles

You’ll have access to our online planned giving article archives and receive new articles regularly through our monthly newsletter

Monthly Planned Giving Newsletter

You’ll receive our monthly newsletter with tips and ideas for planned gift marketing as well as articles to use for newsletters and other direct or electronic mail.

Ability to Add a 20 Second Video Intro

You can also add a 15 to 20 second video clip, from the leader of your organization, at the beginning of our Planned Giving Video Player introduction video to introduce our services for a onetime fee of $250. 

Will and Trust Video Player

Instead of your donors having to leave your website and be transferred to our Will and Trust Planning Ministry site, you receive our exclusive Will and Trust Video Player, on your website. Click here to view. Your donors will not have to leave your website to design their will or trust.

Personal Planning Assistance for up to 5 donor families

Your donors will also receive personal gift planning assistance from our President, Guy Burgo. Guy will help them design and implement the right plan of stewardship for their non-cash gift or estate by phone. This is the right fit for organizations that want a high level of personal ministry, service, and follow-up for their donors. This includes significant personal service/planning for up to 5 donor families per year. Normal cost of these sessions is $1,200, but when included with GCG Premier there is essentially a 30% discount reducing the cost to $840 per family.

20% Discount for On-Site Speaking Engagements

Schedule permitting, Guy is available to speak for:

  • Donor events or Board meetings on biblical estate design, planned giving, and generosity
  • Church retreats or other functions
  • Sunday or Wednesday evening service

Fees for speaking engagements inside Colorado are created custom for the client. Fees outside of Colorado for 3 days or less of combined travel and event time are typically $1,500 plus all expenses and $1,200 plus all expenses for GCG Premier clients.

On-site private will and trust planning sessions with donors or congregation members

Guy can come to your event or church for 1 to 3 days and conduct a Will and Trust Planning Seminar followed by 1.5 hour private planning sessions with your donors or congregations members. Donors will be fully prepared after these sessions to visit with their attorney to have documents drafted. This is a great blitz type of event that can result in millions of bequests for your organization. Fees are negotiated custom for each client based on the specifics of the event.


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