About Us


Planned Giving Ministries (PGM) is a Christian planned giving consulting firm serving Christian churches, ministries, schools and radio stations around the United States.  PGM was founded in 2002 by Guy Burgo and is headquartered in Woodland Park, CO. Guy is recognized nationally as an expert and speaker on the biblical aspects of generosity, stewardship, non-cash giving, and estate design. Guy is also an ordained minister and the author of “Free to Give as God Intended,” a biblical look of Christian giving.

Over the last 17 years, Guy has helped thousands of Christians with their giving and stewardship, while working as a consultant to about 100 different ministries and churches around the country (see below for a list of some of the organizations Guy has served). Guy’s generosity consulting has produced well over 150 million in planned gifts for Christian ministries.

PGM is committed to providing the highest quality biblical planned gift counseling to those who support your church, ministry, or school. All of our videos, consulting services, presentations and sermons, are designed from a biblical worldview.  We take your supporters through a scriptural and prayerful planning process as we encourage them to excel in the grace of giving. Our goal is to help facilitate what God is calling your donors to accomplish with their giving and stewardship as they seek to make non-cash gifts and design their wills and trusts. As a result, your ministry will be blessed with significant planned gifts to further the work God has called you to accomplish and your donors will be ministered to in a respectful and biblical manner.

Some Organizations Guy Has Served:

  • Awana Clubs International
  • Aldersgate Renewal Ministries
  • Bridge Builders International
  • Biola University
  • Bowery Mission
  • Bethesda
  • Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale
  • China Outreach Ministries
  • Co. Springs Christian Schools
  • Community Bible Study
  • E3 Partners
  • Every Home for Christ
  • Family Life Ministries
  • Global Recordings Network
  • Greater Europe Mission
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  • Joni and Friends
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • National Day of Prayer Task Force
  • Orchard Foundation
  • OMF International
  • OMS International
  • Open Doors with Brother Andrew
  • Rocky Mountain Family Council
  • Springs Rescue Mission
  • Slavic Gospel Association
  • Scripture Union, USA
  • UW Sports Ministry
  • VisionTrust
  • West Shore Evangelical Free
  • World Gospel Outreach
  • W.P. Church of the Nazarene